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Our history

Founded in 2012, Pepe Comala began as a small laboratory using the finest natural ingredients to preserve the authentic taste, smell and feel of Mexican cuisine. Today, Pepe Comala continues the legacy of Mexican gastronomy by using high quality all-natural ingredients, while utilizing the best of the know-how and technology available in UK and Europe, Mexico.

Our product line, like a true tortilleria, has expanded to include wheat tortillas, low-carb and gluten-free corn tortillas, among many other products. We continue to explore new ideas, new recipes and customer requests. However, we never lose sight of our main mission to remain true to our commitment of producing the freshest, all natural tortillas, sauces and totopos for our customers!

Our products
Corn tortillas
Pepe Comala's corn tortillas are made from corn, grown responsibly and ethically. We then work with the age-old process of nixtamalization, ensuring a rich, authentic taste in every bite!
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Wheat tortillas
Pepe Comala's wheat tortillas are authentic tortillas consumed in Mexico, and are considered the best available in Europe. Our recipe creates a soft tortilla that retains its shape, reduces tears and offers a unique flavor. They are perfect for burritos, quesadillas and much more.
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Totopos and tostadas
It's almost impossible to find someone who doesn't love the delicious, crunchy flavor of totopos or tostadas. Our totopos and tostadas are known for their texture and authentic taste, and are the perfect accompaniment to all your appetizers and meals.
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Mexican sauces
Pepe Comala offers a variety of authentic, preservative-free Mexican sauces, marinades, chilies and preserves to accompany, spice up or simply prepare the best of Mexican cuisine.
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