Mole poblano 500 grams

One of the dishes that best represents Mexican gastronomy is undoubtedly mole, an atypical dish that combines chocolate, various chiles and more than 65 other ingredients in small quantities. Its origins date back to pre-Hispanic times, but its original recipe has been transformed over the centuries to reflect modern Mexican culture. Our homemade mole poblano is a culinary cultural specialty of the state of Puebla.

Mole Poblano Pepe Comala


Mole poblano is one of the most popular Mexican stews and is used for all kinds of celebrations. It is usually served with rice and chicken, and can be used to make delicious enchiladas.

Ingredients:Tomato 28%, cane chili 12%, guajillo chili 14%, pasilla chili 14%, chocolate 11%, onion 8%, walnut 5%, sultanas 5%, garlic 3% and spices.
Packaging : 12 bottles of 500 g
Packaging on pallet : 126 cartons
Production :Mexico
Storage : Dry
Storage : Warehousing.

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