Chipotle marinated 435 grams

Our marinated chipotle chile has a delicious smoky and slightly sweet flavor. With this chile you will be able to give your meals a typically Mexican flavor.

Chipotle Adobado Pepe Comala


The spiciness of these delicious pickled chipotles is versatile, and you can use it in your cooking, or simply to add a delicious and spicy flavor to your dishes, such as tacos or broths. It has a moderate level of heat compared to other peppers such as habanero and is easier to dose.

Ingredients:Chipotle chili 92%, onion 6%, garlic 2% and salt.
Packaging: 12 jars of 435 Gr
Packaging on pallet: 126 boxes
Production: Mexico:
Storage: Dry
Storage: Ambient.

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