Barbacoa Marinade 445 Grams

This typical Mexican adobo will allow you to make a dish that will stand out from all the other dishes you know: it is the famous barbacoa from the state of Jalisco. Our adobo, based on guajillo and pasilla peppers, develops an incomparable aroma that combines perfectly with the shredded meat, which is then placed in corn tortillas to make tacos. 

Sauce pour barbacoa 465 Grammes


This is the best marinade you can use to make barbacoa tacos, the typical dish from the state of Jalisco in Mexico.

Ingredients: Guajillo bell pepper 30%, pasilla chili 28%; vinegar 16%, pineapple 16%, ginger 10%, garlic, spices and salt.
Packaging:12 bottles of 445 Gr
Packaging on pallet:126 cartons

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