Axiote / Achiote 500 grams

Achiote is the essential ingredient of a typical Yucatan recipe, the famous cochinita pibil! If you want to use axiote to make this famous recipe, the most practical thing to do is to look for ready-made axiote paste, such as our homemade canned axiote. Just add some paste to a broth, stew or sauce to enjoy its flavor. 


Not only in Mexico, but also in much of Latin America, axiote is used as a condiment. The seeds are crushed, made into paste or melted in water or oil for use in the most delicious dishes of Mexican cuisine.

Ingredients: Annatto 98%, white vinegar 2%.
Packaging: 12 jars of 500 Gr
Pallet packaging: 126 cartons
Production: Mexico
Storage: Dry
Storage: Environmental.

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