Adobo Marinade

Our superb Mexican adobo is made with pasilla and guajillo chiles, various spices, garlic and pepper. This is a great marinade to have on hand in your fridge, as it is very useful for many Mexican dishes and stews such as roast pork, chilorio, marinated beef tacos and many other traditional Mexican dishes.

Sauce Adobo Pepe Comala


This Mexican adobo is a mixture of dried chiles mixed with spices and vinegar to season meats, mainly pork, and make a good stew with it, or simply rub the paste on the meat to marinate or grill it.

Ingredients: Guajillo bell pepper 50%, pasilla chili 44%, vinegar 5%, garlic 1% spices and salt.
Packaging :
12 bottles of 445 gr
Packaging in pallets:
126 boxes
Production :
Storage: Dry storage

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